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Net Promoter Score

What is NPS and how is it calculated?

Hummingbird utilizes NPS; the most widely used and accepted measure of customer loyalty and recommendation across the business community.

At it’s simplest, NPS is a single question based on a customers willingness to recommend your company, based on their experience with you.

The standardised question used to determine your NPS score is:


“How likely is it that you would recommend this
company to a friend or colleague?”


The customer rates their likelihood to recommend you using an 11-point scale from 1 (not at all likely) through to 10 (very likely).

The NPS question is typically followed by an open response question to understand specifically why the customer gave you that score.



How NPS works as part of your Hummingbird program

There’s ample evidence that shows businesses that increase their NPS score experience increases in revenues and profits as customers visit more, spend more, and tell more people about their products or services.

Continuously measuring and monitoring your NPS score helps focus your business on creating more promoters – your enthusiastic and loyal customers; and reducing your detractors – unhappy customers who will speak negatively about your brand.

Hummingbird helps drive action within your business based on your customers NPS score. It encourages your promoters to provide reviews about their experience with you, and makes it easy for them to leave their review online. When things go wrong, Hummingbird immediately notifies you of an individual customer problem (typically detractors), so you can take action to resolve the issue before it damages your brand reputation.

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